About Us

Vidhilekha Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd, an Indian research consultancy headquartered in Gurugram, India, is responsible for free-thesis.com creation, upkeep, and operation. Vidhilekha Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd was founded in October 2022 and has been actively doing research in the area of machine learning and artificial intelligence ever since. The company is in its early phase; however, the minds behind the company’s existence have a rich research & industry exposure of 13 years.

free-thesis.com is an innovative and first of its kind platform created by Vidhilekha Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd, a Startup recognized by the Department For Promotion Of Industry And Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India recognized innovative research startup. DPIIT Registration: DIPP131515

Our hope is that by creating Free-thesis.com, we might inspire others to contribute their own expertise and make the world a better place for everyone. The goal of this site is to provide a central meeting place for academics to discuss and resolve issues. For nearly every discipline of machine learning, we’re posting a collection of MATLAB thesis codes.

Vidhilekha Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd is a researchbased organization that provides innovative and effective research solutions. The company has a team of experienced and highly qualified engineers, scientists, and technicians. The company has been providing research services to major universities and research centers. Vidhilekha Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd has a wide range of knowledge and experience in the field of research and development. The company is constantly expanding its capabilities to meet the everchanging needs of the market.

Freethesis.com is a free resource site for researchers and scholars, and we offer free thesis codes. We also offer a wide range of research services, like research consultation, data analysis, code development etc. We are trying our best to provide all types of research codes, and we are working hard to expand our research domain. We are developing this website continuously, and we hope that this website will help a lot of researchers.

All the work uploaded is the property of Vidhilekha Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd and any unauthorized use of the same is strictly prohibited. The research team of Vidhilekha Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd has uploaded research codes regarding the following domains:

  1. Machine learning
  2. Deep learning
  3. Neural Network
  4. Fuzzy logic
  5. Image processing
  6. Computer vision
  7. Data mining
  8. Natural language processing
  9. Wireless communication
  10. Digital signal processing
  11. Wireless communication
  12. Big data
  13. Internet of things
  14. Cyber security
  15. Blockchain
  16. Data
  17. Power System
  18. Renewable Resources
  19. Electric Vehicles
  20. VANETs
  21. All ad-hoc networks

We are continuously adding new topics and improving the existing ones. We are also adding new papers and thesis codes every week. If you are looking for a specific code or you want us to upload a specific code, you can always contact us at admin@free-thesis.com.

If you have any suggestions or ideas, feel free to contact us.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a onestop solution for all your research needs. We want to assist researchers/scholars in every way possible so that they can complete their research codes on AI/IoT/6G/Big Data/Cloud computing/Hadoop/Apache etc and research papers with ease. We aim to provide you with the knowledge of the latest research trends and the most useful tips to get your research along with a library of useful MATLAB/Python/other necessary codes and functions. We also want to provide you with a platform to share your research and get productive feedback from peers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most trusted and loved resource for Research codes resources by Academics as well as industrial Researchers. We want to be known for our knowledge, quality, and trust. We want to be the easiest way to get their research done.

Our Goals

  1. To share knowledge with others.
  2. To motivate others to share their knowledge.
  3. To showcase our knowledge.
  4. To get solutions to our research problems.

Our Values

The values of a research company are important in determining the quality of the research that is produced. A good research company should be committed to producing high quality research that is objective and unbiased. The company should also be transparent in its methods and be willing to share its findings with the public.