1. What if the code has any errors?

Ans: if the thesis code is purchased from https://free-thesis.com, then you can write an email to admin@free-thesis.com and share a snapshot of the error within a week from the purchase.

If the free code is downloaded, then you can post the error to the community or can write to admin@free-thesis.com too and get the solution at nominal cost.

2. I am confused, will the purchased thesis code work for me?

Ans: this is a pretty common question. We have placed the option to discuss the code prior to purchase. You can click on the “Call to discuss” button and schedule a meeting to know more about the code and algorithm. Once you get the confirmation about the algorithm, make a purchase then only.

3. I need more material for the thesis research algorithm.

And: you can write to admin@free-thesis.com for it.

4. Do https://free-thesis.com take any new research requirements too?

Ans: yes, we do consider new research code writing too. However, the guudance as per the research scholar budget isbalso provided.

5. Can I directly discuss with the developer who developed the thesis code and algorithm?

Ans: yes, we can connect you with the developer of the code, if you set up a meeting from the “Call to discuss” button.

6. I need help in plagiarism removal in my paper

Ans: you can opt for our services for it. We do help with that.

7. Can I sell my research thesis code on https://free-thesis.com?

Ans: yes, you can do that and upload your thesis code along with the detailed description. On approval, it will be live on the website and you will get 80% on every purchase.