1. How do I order and download the thesis code?

Ans: You need to add the product into the cart, fill in your information, pay using Paypal gateway, and on payment confirmation, you will be able to download the code instantly. If the payment is not confirmed instantly then you will get a mail with download link or can login into your free-thesis account to get the code.

If the product is free then after filling in your information, the code will be instantly downloaded and also from the download link in your email.

2. I didn’t  receive any order email.

Ans: Please check your spam/promotion mails too. The mail from admin@free-thesis.com may also land into that category in your mailbox.

3. What if the purchased thesis code has any errors?

Ans: if the thesis code is purchased from https://free-thesis.com, then you can write an email to admin@free-thesis.com and share a snapshot of the error within a week from the purchase.

If the free code is downloaded, then you can post the error to the community or can write to admin@free-thesis.com too and get the solution at nominal cost.

4. I am confused, will the purchased thesis code work for me?

Ans: This is a pretty common question. We have placed the option to discuss the code prior to purchase. You can click on the “Call to discuss” button and schedule a meeting to know more about the code and algorithm. Once you get the confirmation about the algorithm, make a purchase then only.

5. I need more material for the thesis research algorithm.

And: you can write to admin@free-thesis.com for it.

6. Do https://free-thesis.com take any new research requirements too?

Ans: yes, we do consider new research code writing too. However, guidance as per the research scholar budget is also provided.

7. Can I directly discuss with the developer who developed the thesis code and algorithm?

Ans: yes, we can connect you with the developer of the code, if you set up a meeting from the “Call to discuss” button.

8. I need help in plagiarism removal in my paper

Ans: you can opt for our services for it. We do help with that.

9. Can I sell my research thesis code on https://free-thesis.com?

Ans: yes, you can do that and upload your thesis code along with the detailed description. On approval, it will be live on the website and you will get 80% on every purchase.

10. How can I return the purchased product?

Ans: You can check out this page for more info https://free-thesis.com/return-policy/