ALPR- Automatic License Plate Recognition

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This product uses the ALPR open source package to detect the license plate and track the plate number. The moving vehicle is tracked &  segmented from the background to narrow down the search region of ALPR. The code is written in python and easy to use in windows & Linux but tested with windows only.

This repository contains:

  • python code
  • input video



We have used openALPR to locate the license plate in each frame and to detect the moving vehicle license plate number. The GMM background subtraction followed by some morphological operations algorithm detects the moving vehicle and feed that cropped part to openALPR with some tweaking in its configuration to improve the accuracy.

How to Run

We consider that you have already installed openALPR in windows.

Here is the instruction to run the script followed by an example.

step1: go to the directory where code exists
step2: use it as <-c><country code> <--config><C:/openALPR_1/openalpr_64/openalpr.conf> <--runtime_data><C:/openALPR_1/openalpr_64/runtime_data> <video file> <threshold value to detect vehicle>

default config and runtime is saved in code as per my system path as

runtime path-C:/openALPR_1/openalpr_64/runtime_data

* you can change the default settings

step3: example

F:\odesk\Francisco-2\alpr_2>python -c mx F:/odesk/Francisco-2/OneDrive-2018-02-01/15ene2018.avi 100000

Install openALPR

This link helps for it


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