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E-Thesis is a collection of some good thesisdeveloped under https://free-thesis.com.It details theproposed work & methodology of listed topics. This will guide the research scholars to know how optimization works and used to solve the non-linear constraint problems.



E-thesis is designed for research scholars who are still in haze to start their research. These topics and discussion are states of art at https://free-thesis.com. This doc enlists following:

  1. An Intrusion Detection System in MANET UsingWhale Optimization Algorithm (WOA)
  2. Digital Video Stabilization using Firefly Optimization (MATLAB Code)
  3. Fuzzy Logic Controlled MPPT in PV-Grid System (MATLAB Code)
  4. Fingerprint Identification by GSA Optimized ANFIS
  5. WSN Localization using GWO and CS Optimization
  6. GSA Optimized NN Controlled MPPT in PV-Grid System
  7. Maximization of Profit in Multiple EV Charging by Optimization (MATLAB Code)
  8. Improved Recommendation Engine
  9. PSOGSA Based Improved LEACH Protocol
  10. Cascaded Encryption algorithm in WSN for data Dissemination
  11. Packet sniffing using Machine learning
  12. Credit Card Fraud Detection using GSA and Neural Network (MATLAB Code)
  13. PSO-GSA Tuned Dynamic Channel Allocation in Wireless Video Sensor Networks for IOT
  14. Multi-Objective Network reconfiguration Using Hybrid GSA-PSO Optimization (MATLAB Code)
  15. Energy Consumption Minimization in WSN using BFO
  16. CBIR Based on Spatial, Temporal & Statistical Features (MATLAB Code)


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