ROI Marking for Traffic Surveillance at Cross Roads


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This code repository helps in keep an eye on vehicles crossing the junction at any cross junction. It tracks the vehicles crossing the junction by defining the imaginary cross line at each side. The interactive line plotting in python to count the number of crossing vehicles and track them is scripted in this repository.  The tracking algorithm used is mainly background subtraction using GMM along with some morphological operations.

This repository contains:

  • python code
  • input video
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Traffic surveillance and interactive on road ROI marking for traffic counting, tracking of vehicles and recording of their time when the vehicle crosses the ROI is written in this code. This repository is the extension of work done here. In extension, interactive ROI marking is introduced in the script which makes it useful for every kind of vehicle tracking work.

How to run

  1. Keep all the files along with Roundabout.MP4 in the same directory.
  2. Move to the directory path from the terminal
  3. pip install -r ../requirements.txt
  4. after installation of every package in the txt file is finished.
  5.  run $python

Input Video

Input video for this repository can be fetched from

The related code for License plate detection and identification can be checked here.

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