VANET Simulation in MATLAB

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This code implements the city mobility scenario in VANET simulation. MATLAB is used for the simulation of this. Till now no such code in MATLAB is available for scholars community.

This repository contains:

  • MATLAB code for VANET simulation with energy consumption, packet drop calculation


Originally reactive protocols were not designed for the characteristic of high mobility during route discovery. Due to dynamically modification to the VANET this changes very often due to breakdown which causing excessive broadcasting and flooding the entire network in order for new routes to be discovered. In addition, the initial routing needs some time, and this latency can easily change everything. Due to these reasons, the typical reactive protocols, in their current format, do not totally appropriate for time-critical applications such as cooperative collision avoidance (CCA). Cooperative Collision Avoidance is an important class of safety applications in VANETs, which aims at offering an earlier warning to drivers using vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication [13]. Ad Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector (AODV) is a reactive routing protocol which capable of both unicast and multicast. In AODV, like all reactive protocols, topology information is only transmitted by nodes on-demand. When the source has something to send then initially it propagates the RREQ message which is forwarded by intermediate node until the destination is reached. A route reply message is unicast back to the source if the receiver is either the node using the requested address, or it has a valid route to the requested address.

This repository provides a MATLAB simulation of VANET environment and results comparison in terms of throughput, packet drop ratio etc.

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    Great work

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    This project is gonna help me a lot in submitted my project and also to get through how VANET works in practical scenario which we might rarely be getting in any research paper or books.

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